About This Project

The Story of Us is a digital brand showcase that chronicles the creation of a data science school at the University of Virginia. From an idea to an institute, and now to the first school of its kind in the nation, this bespoke, interactive website tells the story through written and spoken narrative supported by multimedia, archival documentation, and testimony from a diversity of voices. The result is a unique brand piece that combines technology with art, a retrospective of one school’s past and how it will inform its future. It was commissioned by the School of Data Science to mark the opening of its new building in April 2024.

The Story of Us website was built by John Baxton, senior web developer for the School of Data Science, who worked in close collaboration with Sue Haas, the School’s information technology director. The designs for the site were created by the Charlottesville-based Journey Group. Video interviews and the audio version of The Story of Us were recorded and edited by Cody Huff, multimedia producer for the School of Data Science, who also coordinated the curation of assets for the project. Monica Manney provided the narration.

Research and editorial content for the project were provided by the School of Data Science communications team of Huff, Cooper Allen, Alyssa Brown, Emma Candelier, and Kirsten Samuels.

The Story of Us would not have been possible without the cooperation and generous time provided by the key figures interviewed for this project. They are Cathy Anderson, Phil Bourne, Don Brown, Arlyn Burgess, Rick Horwitz, Reggie Leonard, Melissa Phillips, Jim Ryan, Teresa Sullivan, and Jaffray Woodriff.

And to all the students, faculty, and staff who contributed to this story over the years, the School of Data Science will forever be grateful.